Working Principle of Hall Sensor

  Product name

  Working Principle of Hall Sensor


  1. The real object, the signal wheel is driven by a DC motor, and is equipped with a base;

  2. The circuit diagram of the dual sensor is printed on the base panel, and the principle diagram of the sensor is printed;

  3. The panel is equipped with a working power input socket, a signal detection hole and a speed control switch;

  4. Easy to access


  Technical parameter

  Panel acrylic size: 340mm×220mm×4mm

  Module box base size: 320mm×200mm×height, front height 350mm (rear height 850mm)

  Insulating rubber pier: M4×19×16×15

  Stainless steel bracket

  Training contents

  1. Hall sensor structure recognition;

  2. Sensor signal detection of different speeds;

  3. Demonstrate the working process of the sensor;

  4. Adjustment of the gap between the sensor and the signal wheel;

  5. Learning and explaining the working principle of the sensor.


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