Audi Vehicle Electrical Training Board

  Audi Vehicle Electrical Training Board


  German whole vehicle electrical teaching board.

  The equipment is welded by the national standard galvanized pipe, the outer frame is decorated with titanium gold plate, and the detection panel is made of high-quality aluminum-plastic board UV inkjet circuit diagram.

  Including electric sunroof system, wiper system, car power system, starting system, ignition system, engine electronic control system, combination instrument, lighting and signal system, folding electric rearview mirror, electric door glass lifter, central door lock, anti-theft System"


  Technical parameter

  Reference size of training board: ≥4000mm×240mm×2400mm

  Laser hollow engraving light box size: ≥4000mm×100mm×270mm

  Base size: 4000mm*40mm*40mm.

  Power voltage: AC220V

  Working voltage: DC12V

  Working temperature: -20°~60°

  Training contents

  1. Read fault code and clear fault code

  2. Principle recognition, operation and maintenance of automatic lighting system

  3. Principle recognition, operation and maintenance of the comfort system

  4. Principle cognition, operation and maintenance of multimedia system

  5. Cognition, operation and maintenance of wiper system and sunroof

  6. The working principle of engine system, fuel injection system and ignition system.


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