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Benz V-Type 6-Cylinder Engine Display Board

  Product name

  Mercedes-Benz V-type 6-cylinder engine parts display board


  1. The teaching board of the whole vehicle electrical appliances of the traditional German fuel vehicle series.

  2. The equipment is welded by national standard galvanized pipe, the outer frame of the equipment is decorated with titanium plate, and the detection panel is made of high-quality aluminum-plastic plate UV inkjet simple-style circuit diagram.

  3. The crank connecting rod mechanism of the teaching board retains the cylinder block, cylinder head, piston, connecting rod crankshaft and flywheel and other parts.

  4. The valve train retains the valve, valve spring, camshaft, tappet, camshaft transmission mechanism and other components.

  5. The fuel supply system is an electronically controlled fuel injection type consisting of an air supply system, a fuel supply system and an electronic control system.

  6. The ignition system retains the battery, generator, ignition coil, spark plug and other components.

  7. The cooling system retains the water pump, radiator, fan, thermostat and other components.

  8. The lubrication system retains components such as oil pump, filter, pressure limiting valve, oil passage, and oil filter.

  9. The starting system consists of the starter and its accessories.

  10. The parts are arranged in the original order, fixed individually, with a schematic diagram of the structure between each part of the engine. Aluminum plate edging process.


  Specification (Technical parameter)

  1. Reference size of teaching board: 4000mm×240mm×2400mm; size of black titanium plate laser hollow engraving light box: 4000mm×100mm×270mm; size of base: 4000mm*40mm*40mm.

  2. Power voltage: AC220V; working voltage: DC12V.

  3. Working temperature: -20°~60°.

  Training contents

  1. Through the teaching board, students can detect and intuitively recognize the structure and functional principle of each component of the engine.

  2. The bench is equipped with a QR code, and teachers and students can scan the QR code to obtain the corresponding teaching resources of the bench.

  3. Internet teaching system training project:

  ①. Cognition of the engine;

  ②. The working principle of the engine;

  ③. Composition of all systems and structures of the engine;

  ④. Engine adjustment function.


Success Case

  • CARI

  • Space Center

  • Baidu Apollo

  • Civil-Military Integration

  • Vocational education in Germany

  • International Education Union

  • Beijing Zhongzhi Beifang Education Technology

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