Toyota Corolla Hybrid Dissection Car

  Product name

  Toyota Corolla Hybrid Dissection Car


  Electronically controlled common rail diesel engine assembly, original car engine control computer, combination instrument, anti-theft computer, engine starting and running all relevant original car accessories, fault setting and troubleshooting system, original car circuit schematic board and detection terminals, 60AH large capacity Battery, large-capacity stainless steel fuel tank, engine acceleration mechanism, control panel cabinet, movable bench, bench power switch, OBD diagnostic socket, heat dissipation system.

  Technical parameter

  Vehicle size: 4630mm×1775mm×1485mm

  Maximum torque: 154N·m

  Engine: 1.8L 99 horsepower L4

  Training contents

  1. Toyota Corolla hybrid car drive unit recognition

  2. Toyota Corolla hybrid motor controller, resolver sensor, vehicle electrical appliances, motor temperature sensor, gear controller detection.

  3. Toyota Corolla hybrid drive motor overspeed protection failure

  4. Toyota Corolla hybrid drive motor overheating failure

  5. Toyota Corolla hybrid drive motor power generation mode failure fault

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