* BYD Qin Hybrid Dissection Car

  Product name

  BYD Qin Hybrid Dissection Car


  The plug-in hybrid vehicle series 1.2T engine is used to cut the cover, front glass, top, bottom plate, and rear glass. The additional system includes detection terminals, fault setting system, fault display device, etc. The signal is drawn from the center console to the teaching board. The main control unit and connector terminals of the original car are drawn on the teaching board, and the real-time signal of the drive system is directly measured on the terminal to grasp the change law of the parameters of different control units.


  Technical parameter

  Body size: 3740mm×1570mm×1380mm

  Total electric power: 85kW

  5-speed dual-clutch gearbox

  Training contents

  1. Cognition of the overall layout of each system of the hybrid vehicle

  2. Cognition of the overall structure of hybrid frames and body panels

  3. Layout, cognition, testing, diagnosis and maintenance of hybrid drive motor power system, air conditioning system, braking system, high voltage system, steering system, electrical system, BMS battery management system

  4. Hybrid vehicle maintenance items and key points


Beijing Zhongzhi Beifang Education Technology

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