* BYD Qin Hybrid's Integrated Training Platform

  Product name

  BYD Qin Hybrid's Integrated Training Platform


  On the basis of keeping the original car system relatively complete, the key parts of the body cover and the frame are reasonably dissected to show the internal structure of the system. The whole vehicle adopts a half section in the longitudinal direction (the middle part of the front to the rear of the vehicle). The glass openings are neatly cut and painted firmly. Different structures are marked with different colors, which can clearly display the body wiring harness, suspension, and electrical equipment. The additional system mainly includes: detection terminal, fault setting system, fault display device, etc.

  Technical parameter

  Body size: 4740mm×1770mm×1480mm

  Plug-in hybrid, 1.5T engine, lithium iron phosphate battery, permanent magnet synchronous motor

  Total electric power: 110kW

  Maximum motor power: 200N·m

  Training contents

  1. The overall layout of BYD's hybrid vehicle systems

  2. Understanding of the overall structure of BYD's hybrid frame and body panels

  3. BYD hybrid drive motor power system, air conditioning system, braking system, high voltage system, steering system, electrical system, BMS battery management system layout, recognition, testing, diagnosis and maintenance

  4. BYD hybrid vehicle maintenance items and key points


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