* Tesla's Integrated Training Vehicle

  Product name

  Tesla's Integrated Training Vehicle


  The equipment is a combination of Tesla's entire vehicle and consists of instrument control unit, gateway control unit, P gear motor control unit, motor control unit, gear control unit, on-board charger control unit, DC/DC control unit, and high-voltage battery ECU control System circuits such as units are modified to simulate the failure of the car's circuit system by installing a fault setter.


  Technical parameter

  Vehicle size: 4976mm×1965mm×1445mm

  Wheelbase: 2960mm

  Maximum motor power: 487kW

  Total electric torque: 844N·m

  Training contents

  1. The overall layout of Tesla's vehicle systems

  2. Cognition of the overall structure of Tesla's frame and body panels

  3. Tesla power system, transmission system, braking system, suspension system, steering system, electrical system, battery management system layout, cognition, detection, diagnosis and maintenance

  4. Tesla vehicle maintenance items and key points


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