* Tesla Model S Training Platform

  Product name

  Tesla Model S Training Platform


  This equipment is designed on the basis of the original car, including power battery pack, power transmission system, steering and suspension system. Through the transparent device, you can clearly see the connection mode of the battery pack, the structure and principle of the battery management system, the characteristics and control methods of the asynchronous induction motor, etc.


  Technical parameter

  High voltage power bus power supply: 402V

  Low voltage control working power supply: DC12V

  Power battery type: Panasonic ternary lithium power

  Battery cell: 2V75AH power electricity

  Total battery voltage: 402V

  Power battery pack capacity: 82kW·h

  Times of full charge and discharge: 10000 times

  Working temperature: -20°~60°

  Training contents

  1. Principle structure recognition and detection of battery management system 2.18650 power battery module detection and connection method

  3. Able to read the voltage, current and temperature data of the battery pack through the diagnostic instrument

  4. Power-on logic and component detection of high-voltage battery pack

  5. Cognition and troubleshooting of Tesla thermal management system

  6. Cognition and troubleshooting of charging system


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